"We initially only wanted Signature Sweets Factory to do the dessert table at our daughter's bridal shower. However, after the table was raved about so much, we decided that night, that we would cancel her wedding cake order with one of the top bakeries in Chicago and go with SSF. I just can't put into words how absolutely scrumptiuous his products are. They have special 'umpt' which is rare in most baked goods. His products are always baked fresh to order and literally melt in your mouth. The care that goes into each and every order, whether big or small, is unmatched. I will always use Signature Sweets Factory, as the quality and taste of the products are absolutely amazing!"

Elaine M. Ellis, Chicago, IL

"Marcus, your cupcakes were incredible. I ate all three kinds and couldn't decide which was the best. Probably all of them. I shared them with my colleagues and they disappeared instantly. Congratulations on your amazing work!"

Dr. Kyle Hogarth, Chicago, IL

"Signature Sweets Factory: this company has set themself apart with their extraordinary quality of taste and design. From their amazing packaging designs to the final bite. The whole experience brought smiles to my family. This family-run business is one to see grow, for sure. My son is seven and he always asks to go there when he sees the work of Marcus and his baking designs (Nemo is his favorte so far)."

Casey Oberg, Minnesota

"I hired Signature Sweets Factory to provide the desserts for my parents' 40th Anniversary party. From the initial consultation until the day of the event, Marcus and Marilyn stayed in close contact to make sure every detail I requested (and many extras I didn't ask for) were accommodated. The sweets table was one of the highlights of the evening! As good as the table looked, everything tasted even better. Marcus truly is talented, professional and wise beyond his years! I would (and have) recommended him to anyone who has an upcoming event where they need to provide AWESOME desserts!"

Latrice Richie, Chicago, IL

"I recently had the opportunity to taste off of a display from Signature Sweets Factory and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The layout was visually alluring, the attention to detail was beyond precise, and the taste was out of this world... Offering a combination of some traditional desserts and some out-of-the-box unique treats, everything I tasted was superb."

Tara-Lynn Villano Rivera, Connecticut 

"My experience ordering from Signature Sweets Factory was full of pleasant surprises. The first was the speed of production and shipping. The second surprise was the beautiful appearance: the cake jars were individually decorated, and the cake looked so moist and fluffy. The third surprise came when we opened the jars: there was a tantalizingly fresh/sweet aroma like we'd stepped into a bakery! And there was a small treat on top of the cake. The last and best surprise was, of course, the taste. All three flavors that I ordered, were absolutely delicious! So it's no surprise that I'll be ordering again. Thank you so much! Everything was masterfully done." 

K. Alisha, New York, NY

"I loved everything about my cake and sweets table from Marcus of Signature Sweets Factory.  From the look of the presentation, to the way it was prepared, to the delectable taste, everything was prepared with love. Everyone was so impressed with his presentation that the sweets were the highlight of the evening. Marcus uses such rich ingredients in his creations. From the moment you taste it, you know it’s not your ordinary cake. Each layer of his cake was more delicious than the next. Chocolate, vanilla and red velvet layers laced with rich chocolate and sweet creamy filling, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I didn’t give Marcus much instruction on how I wanted everything to look but he was observant. Knowing the glamour girl that I am, Marcus brought the bling and designed a cake with layers of diamonds and pearls and iridescent crystal frosting. His posh sweet table had everything a girl could want from chocolate covered strawberries, to cookies and even delicious cookie cups. Thank you Marcus, you put a smile on the face of this bride-to-be."

LaGreta Ballentine, Chicago, IL

"I had the privilege of using Marcus for my cousins bridal shower. The entire experience was extremely professional. If I had to describe his products in one word...it would have to be perfection. I would highly recommend Marcus and Signature Sweets Factory for any occasion. Marcus went above and beyond to ensure all items were to my satisfaction and the entire display was set up beyond my wildest imagination!! Thanks for making this day one that we will always remember!"

Yolanda Minott - Homewood, Illinois

"I love everything that I have tried so far. From the amazing truffles to the awesome shooters and I wont even discuss those chocolate chip caramel cookies and every cupcake that comes out of that kitchen. Just in general everything I have tasted is wonderful and so reasonable from the nicest people."

Lashawna Mazique - Illinois

"Signature Sweets Factory is by far not only the best sweets bakery but has the best customer service! The cupcakes, cookies, pies, and everything else are made with the best ingredients and care! Marcus is a perfectionist and a remarkable, self-taught baker! I love all of his desserts and I recommend him to everyone!"

Brooke Harris - Lansing, IL

"The first time I tried his cupcakes, I had to inquire about them. They are very moist and creative. Each time I order ,my experience is consistent. He always delivers a superb job. Marcus J. of Signature Sweets Factory is now my baker for life."

Laura Bedenfield - Bellwood, IL

"I'm completely in love with Signature Sweets Factory. They are so moist, not overly sweet and simply-put, delicious. He makes the most beautiful sweet tables and you would not be disappointed with anything on it. He is extremely creative, I'd say a NEXT LEVEL baker!"

Juwanna Elery - Bellwood, IL

"I'd highly recommend Signature Sweets Factory. My family and I love it. Marcus is very talented and puts his all into his creations. I'll be placing another order very soon!"

Larry White - Indiana

"I personally have never had interest in sweets of any kind. However, Marcus' sweets are truly an exception. His pound cakes and his banana puddings are magnificent; his skills are beyond his years. Very impressive."

Iona Ridley - University Park, IL

"The best spread of gorgeously arranged sweets! They tasted just as AMAZING as they look! You could tell every single detail was made with love."

Alicia Borum - Kentucky

"Well there's no FEEDBACK needed when your mouth touches his sweets, your FINGERS are going to be running BACK for more. His desserts speak for themselves: so moist, rich and flavorful. I'm not a 'sweet eater' but every time I eat his sweets I want to marry him! LOL He gives me so much happiness. But honestly I adore this young man's talents and ambition...wonderful desserts, wonderful person, wonderful family, wonderful business!"

Kiara Thompson, Chicago, IL